Letter To My Customers


FROM: Ron & Barbara Blades

This is a letter to all my wonderful customers and friends, whom have been a real source of encouragement and support to myself and to Barbara, who for many years traveled with me to bird fairs to nourish and care for our babies.

It has been a long journey. Allan McGrew joined us as we grew and started attending more and more shows. As time went on, Barbara could no longer travel and care for the babies, but the work didn’t stop for her; she just continued at home. Al, now my partner, and I continued alone, traveling from Utah to Ohio, Florida, Colorado to Georgia, Albuquerque Nm., South Texas, Louisiana and every place in between.  In each of these places we meant new customers that through the years became friends and great supporters of CENTURION, sharing stories, experiences and knowledge about birds.  I would enjoy seeing and thanking each one of you personally in St Louis, Denver, Albuquerque, Columbus, Tulsa, Fort Worth, K C Mo. just to mention a few of the cities we went to.  But that’s not possible so I’m posting this letter on social media and our new website to let you know how much that support has meant to us through the years and today. 

A few years ago, due to age and my health I quit going to the shows and left the shows to Allan. He had been carrying that load for a while; doing all the heavy work. I could never have made it as long as I did if it hadn’t been for Allan.   I miss going to the shows and working with loyal CENTURION customers that I’ve been friends with, some for twenty years or more, always tiring to give them a deal or throwing something in just to let them know how much we appreciated their business. Actually, that was the fun part for me; made me feel good.  

Just wanted to tell you all “THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY AND SUPORT”.    

By the way now that I’m finally learning how to use Social Media, I will be posting from time to time. Please enjoy the photos and updates. I am hoping that you will comment, re-share, re-tweet so that I know how you are doing. I sincerely hope to hear from all of you!!

Thanks again fromRon & Barbara Blades


Celebrating 30 years of CENTURION Aviaries & CENTURION Cage!!

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