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Centurion Aviaries & Cage Co. has manufactured an increasingly fine line of cages for the avian market. We have always strived to improve our products and adapted to the needs and desires of our Midwest customers. Because of this, we have a loyal customer base and are recognized nationally for quality and devotion to safety. Many other web sites would like to cash in on our fine reputation by listing our name in the search list or trying to compare their brands with Centurion Quality. One site even posted Centurion Cages on their web page, and then ship another brand. So remember, don't be fooled by another site telling you all the features of another brand of cages. Only Centurion guarantees the cage for life.

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"Caged Birds can be Happy Birds"

If they're in a Centurion Cage!

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Walk-in aviary designed by Centurion Cage Company